{Love You: Emily}

I first met Emily of Main Street Chic when she reached out to me a while back to participate in her "5 Things" guest post here.   Since then we have been blog and instagram buddies.  I am constantly impressed with the amazing interior design ideas and DIY's Emily does, and of course feel she is a kindred spirit as we both have Cavalier King Charles.  I am so excited for you to meet her and hear what she is loving about herself. 
"First, off- I want to say thank you to Jessica for implementing a series that is so significant. Often, when we think about the things we love in our lives, they are outward things: friends, family, boyfriends/hubbys, loved ones, pets, jobs, etc. And I agree that it is SO important to feel and express gratitude for these things.
But I also think it is a very healthy and needed practice to sit down and ask ourselves- “what do I love about ME?” For me, it wasn’t about gloating, pride, or arrogance, it was a genuinely honest exercise that I think every one of us should do! Here we go.
1. I love my loyalty. If I love you……. I LOVE YOU. I am not an ‘in between’ person and I would do anything for those I love. It’s that simple.
2. I love my hair. My hair has been a lot of different things over the years: blonde, short, black, long, curly, flapper-esque, wanna-be Christina Aguilera in the “Dirty” video- you name it, I’ve probably done it. And I’ve loved every minute of it. Over the past few years, I’ve settled on my ‘style’ and I’m so grateful to have hair that does what I want it to.
3. I love that I am an animal lover. If you are a fellow animal lover, then you just get what I mean. I generally like animals better than I like people. And again, if you love animals like I do, you recognize it’s not that weird to feel that way!
4. I love my crafting and DIY ability. I’m pretty good at the whole Do It Yourself thing. Having a project gives me immense satisfaction and purpose, and I love having the ability to create something from nothing, or upcycle an old item. It’s the best.
5. I love that I don’t struggle with loving myself. Before I go further, I will say that I do have insecurities- I mean, who doesn’t?? But I was blessed to grow up with parents who taught me not to look to the outside world for affirmation. I live every day rooted in the knowledge that God created me to be exactly how I am. And overall, I’m pretty happy with it!
Thanks again for having me, Jessica! I so appreciate the opportunity!"
I love that Emily talks about being "blessed to grow up with parents who taugher me not to look to the outside world for affirmation."  How special to think about the ones in our lives that help us feel good about ourselves on the inside.  Also, I can see why she loves her DIY skills because she is amazing at it.  Thank you so much Emily for coming to DahliaLynn today to share what you are loving about yourself.  If you have not already done so, please head on over to Main Stree Chic to check out Emily's amazing taste.  Happy Friday and lotsa love...J


  1. Such an adorable outfit! Love your pup too :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  2. Yay! Thank you again for having me, love! Xoxo

  3. I love that you love YOU! That is awesome and so many people can't admit it. You go Emily!