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Today has been a long time coming.  As you all know there are thousands and thousands of blogs out there on fashion, food, design, lifestyle....think of a topic and I guarantee you that there is a blog out there if not hundreds on that topic.  

But today I wanted to share the top 10 reasons why Ms. Elizabeth from Four and Twenty Blackberries is my favorite food blogger and truly the food blog that I read daily.  I will throw out there that she is my husband's cousin, I like to just call her my cousin because it is easier, and she does make me delicious meals and treats often so that might sway my vote.  However, the reasons why I keep coming back to Four and Twenty Blackberries is more than just for the food.  In no particular order, here we go...

1.  I love how Elizabeth styles her food photos.  She collects vintage floral and patterned china as well as amazing patterned linens.  Her photos always make things look more tasty.  I mean don't you just want to dive in to the chickpeas above?     

2.  Elizabeth does an amazing job of sharing the step by step process of each recipe, so someone like me can have a fighting chance of creating something edible. 

3.  Elizabeth is so honest with her readers.  If there is something about a recipe that did not go the way she had planned, she tells us.  If she has plans to change a recipe up the second time around, she tells us.  She does not like the taste of something she made, she tells us.

4.  Elizabeth chooses recipes that are simply delicious.  You rarely see any crazy techniques or super wild ingredients on her blog.  I don't mind when she throws them in every once and a while, but I like knowing that everything she makes will be delicious and I don't have to go to Whole Foods or a specialty market with a picture and description to purchase everything on my ingredient list.

5.  Many of Elzabeth's recipes are meat free.  I am not a vegetarian, but I would say I am a light meat eater, so I always appreciate recipe options that are meat free.  

6.  Elizabeth always throws in a little something extra.  Making homemade pretzels, why not fill them with string cheese?  Making roasted asparagus, why not dress them with a little be of Parmesan?   Making homemade pies, why not have them be mini?

7.  Elizabeth has a recipe index that is updated.  It makes it so simple for me to find recipes that she has made that I want to cook myself.  

8.  Elizabeth stays true to herself.  She loves to bake, so you know that you will often find delicious sweet treats on her blog.  She does not eat a ton of meat, so you would never see her posting about a beef stew on the blog.  I really prefer blogs that have a unique sense of style even with cooking because I am not constantly having to keep up with the next recipe craze out their.  

9.  There is something special about knowing another blogger in real life, and it is even better when that blogger is an amazing cook, who makes you amazing things like the coolest birthday cake ever {pictured above}, and even gives you cooking lessons.  

10.  Last but not least, Elizabeth is inspiring to me.  It still amazes me at age 15 she up and started an amazing cooking blog to follow her passion and share it with others.  I certainly don't think I would have had the courage to do what she has done, and it makes each of her recipes all the more special.

I hope you will take some time today to head on over to Four and Twenty Blackberries and see all the amazing things Elizabeth is up to.  Happy Tuesday...J

*All photos courtesy of Ms. Elizabeth herself. 


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    1. Right back at you sweet girl...so glad we have become such good friends!

  2. Mmmm that food does look delish! That is on the long list of things that I simply canNOT do, every time I photograph food it just looks awful! I definitely need to check out Elizabeth and see what that avocado sandwich is all about!

  3. Ooooo I'll have to check this out!