{Flower Power}

I finally found the cutest pair of floral jeans.  I have been wanting some for a while, but was simply not going to pay an arm and a leg for them.  Still not sure how often I will wear them but for $25.00 at Forever 21, I am ok with that.  I thought this week I would take a stab at two looks that have multiple floral patterns with my new jeans.  Today is a bit more dressy, and check back later this week for something more casual.  Happy Tuesday...J
Jeans {Forever21}, Top {Vintage}, Necklace {Vintage DahliaLynn}, Bag {Couch}, Heels {So old, I forget}


  1. I love these pants! They totally remind me of a pair I had (that I wish I had freaking kept) from when I was younger. They were my absolute favorite pair of jeans and they were definitely a limited too size 16 so they would've still fit now!

    1. Bettina, I feel like I always do that. Don't wear things for a couple of years and then get rid of them, and then regret it. But what can you do. At least these are an inexpensive option. Happy Tuesday!

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    1. Thanks sweet girl...trying a little something different!!