{Spark the Flame}

So I was doing my usual daily reading.  You know, just to see what is out there in the world of fashion.  InStyle is telling me that "flame" is the new hot color for 2013.  I love that we have gone through so many seasons that we can no longer use the regular old names for colors.  Years ago it was out with the maroon colors and in with the wine colors.  Last season it was out with the wine colors and in with the oxblood colors. Now we can no longer call orangey-red a tomato hue, but flame.  I might also share that every time I type flame in my head I am using a magical voice with jazz hands because you know we are talking "FLAMES" here people.

Of course InStyle did not only share that I must dress myself in "flame," but shared an amazing little list of must have flame items.  While I appreciate the suggestions, they clearly did not get my no shopping for 6 months memo.  Not sure why they cannot cooperate with my spending freeze?  Rude. 

But really, what is a girl to do?  Flame is the new hue, and I have forbidden myself to go out in search of a hot new hint of flame to add to my wardrobe.  So again I ask you, what should I do?  Well I will shop my own darn closet for once.  And to my surprise, I am practically swimming in flames.  Look at all these cute pieces I found in the archives. 

Exhibit A....my flame colored Urban Outfitter heels that I was sporting years ago. 

Exhibit B....my favorite flame clutch that has had many good times at my side, especially here when paired with a MooMoo in SouthBeach.  I mean what more could a flame bag ask for?

Exhibit C & D....my favorite flame jacket perfect to heat up any work or casual look. 

Exhibit E & F...where flame shines through some of my favorite floral pieces.  And finally...

Exhibit G...where you can see I am sporting a little flame on flame. 

So I am happy to say that my 6 month shopping freeze will not leave me behind when it comes to the new hue.  While I would like to attribute the fact that my closet is bursting with flames on the fact that I am a trendsetter, I imagine it is just because long ago the hot color was good old orangey-red.  So go take a look in that closet of yours, and please do share what flame worthy item you were sporting way back when.  Happy Monday...J


  1. This is awesome. You are such an inspiration!


    1. Nancy,
      You are too sweet. I know I am not the only one out there that starts to feel crazed in the world of shopping, so hopefully this will help anyone else thinking about taking a little time off from shopping.

  2. Hahhaha 'flame', puh-lease! Glad to see you're not falling for it! Love the look of that blazer :)


    1. I know...right. That blazer is a personal fave:) Happy Thursday!!

  3. I love how you mixed the two necklaces in the last photo. Just made a mental thought, which means I better Pinterest it! lol Cause I always forget my mental notes. lol Oh, and I would so fail at the six month freeze, but I think it's an amazing idea. My mom, the banker, would completely agree!


    1. Mental note...I feel you. Maybe we shoudl create a mental note ap for all those things we forget:)