Day 30/184 Days of NO Shopping..

So I really can't believe that May is almost up and I have not shopped.  Not the whole time.  Really! Are you reading this?  I promise I will not be this annoying every month, but I am thrilled!  Definitely starting to get more creative and really appreciate all of those items tucked away in my closet that I have not seen in a while.  I did fall in love with THIS clutch after seeing it on APOT.  I have some extra moneys in my pocket from a recent project, and it would have been hard to say no under usual circumstances, but I am happy to say that money went somewhere else. 

So the recap from my first month of NO SHOPPING in May.  What I did not buy...
Kayu Clutch $170.00
Total Savings: $507.30 

So the reflection after my first month of NO SHOPPING in May.  
1.  Still dreaming about that jean vest and those BLANK jeans.
2.  Realized I loved that forever dress on my blogger buddy, who is a brunette.  Really don't think it would have looked that great on me.
3. Have found that I have really similar pieces to the bracelet and zara dress I was hoping for, so I am glad I did not get them.  
4.  I have a lot of items that have not felt the love for a while, and it is great to be really taking time to sort out what I have.
5.  Feels great to have saved so much money this month.
6.  This really only included the things on line that I saw.  Did not include some of the goodies I saw out window shopping.  Lets not get in to it.  All you need to know is that I did not buy anything. 
7. I have some very sweet family members. (Mumsey and Anne I am talking to you).  They know how hard I am trying to achieve this goal so they might have sent some gifts this month.  Happy to be the owner of a new pair of these and these.

Now that does not mean I miss the thrill of finding that perfect item.  So could some of you maybe share any great finds or purchases you have had lately?  Let me in on a little bit of the fun.  Happy Thursday...J


  1. You are so inspiring! I think for the month of June I am going to challenge myself too. Why not? It's better to shop your closet first!

    1. You go girl!!! I know a shopping freeze is nothing new, but it was new for me, and I am really enjoying it!!

  2. I'm SO impressed!!! Well done :)

    1. Shannon...thank you for the sweet words. I am really enjoying the challenge so far!!