Love You: Nancy

Well hi friends and hi Friday!  Per the usual I am so glad it is almost the weekend, and so excited to share this Love You feature today.  I imgaine you will love Nancy as much as I do!

"Hi everyone! I'm Nancy from Adore to Adorn.  I'm so honored to be a part of a feature that embraces the positive traits we all have.  When Jessica sked me to participate in the "Love You" series, I couldn't wait to share my post.  Having grown up with a "what's wrong with me?" attitude, I have discovered more of what I love about myself that I used to criticize and am grateful to share this insight with you! I'm sharing my lucky 8 (a good luck number!).

  1. My sense of humor. Laughter has gotten me through a lot of tough times in life. If I couldn’t laugh at myself I would not be where I am. I also love to cheer people up by smiling, laughing or telling a nerdy joke.
  2. Being a survivor. I am incredibly grateful for the life I have now. I lost my parents when I was still a teenager and just learning to become an adult. I met some “bad” people afterwards that made me lose my way. While I didn’t get to learn more from my parents, what I did learn has made me stronger and made me understand how important hard work is and how valuable self-worth is. I am a better person for that.
  3. Being an introvert. I have always longed for the day that I would break out of my shell and be the extrovert I always dream of but by being introverted, I have appreciated the ability to listen to people and what people say. It has made me a better spouse and friend.
  4. My hands. I cook, I clean, I write, I blog, I create art and I hold other hands with them. They have been the best tools in my life. Plus, I love creating nail art!
  5. My thick (THICK) hair. I never appreciated my hair until I became an adult. But I am grateful that I don’t need to do much to create volume. The little things!
  6. My partner. Without him, I would not be able to embrace the person I have grown to be. He met me when I was still “discovering” myself and never doubted the person I would learn to be. He has been the hugest support system in my life. And, he always makes me laugh.
  7. Being a fast learner. This has helped me work a lot of different jobs and able to move quickly in the ranks. I ask questions when I need to and retain the information that helps me work faster.
  8. My smile. This might be an odd fact but I never smiled a real smile until I was in college. Before then, I felt awkward and paranoid that people were judging me (of all things!).   All my smiles looked “fake” in photos but suddenly, in college I cracked a real smile and haven’t stopped."
Nancy thank you so much for sharing so much with us today.  I love to see other women really thinking about and sharing all the things they love about themselves, especially when those things involve tough times in life.  I find it hard sometimes to make reason of the hardships around us, but taking time to think about how those tough experiences mold us in to stronger people is a really imporatnt part of living.  You have served as such a wonderful reminder to me today that the bad can be just as important as the good.  I also think I can speak for all of us when I say I am so glad you found your real smile because the world is a much prettier place as a result.  Please take a moment to skip on over to learn more about Nancy at Adore to Adorn.  You will find she is beautiful and creative inside and out.  Happy Friday and lotsa love...J

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