Day 23/184 Days of NO Shopping

Hi Pretty People!  As promised I am back again this week to let you know how the whole NO shopping for my wardrobe and jewel box is going.  It really had not been that tough...until yesterday.  I popped in to a new vintage shop Pura Vida Vintage to get a birthday gift for a friend.  This place is literally less than two blocks from my office and opened right around when I started the NO shopping.  And it was a test of my strength.  So much fun packed in to one little shop, I don't even want to reminisce for fear I will run over there and snatch up everything I left behind (like the amazing straw back that was calling my N-A-M-E).  

I think the only reason I was able to stay strong was because I was on a mission.  I am headed to NYC today to visit one of my best buddies in the whole world and it was her birthday last week.  I of course remembered a day late, so I wanted to get her something extra special, and since I could not get anything for myself I snuck out of there with two amazing finds for her.  Cannot wait to share them with you!!

Aside from almost swan diving off my No shopping wagon yesterday, the only thing I cannot get off my mind are these BLANK high-waisted skinnies.  I had been eyeing this pair at SF for a while and then I died when I saw these on Cupcakes and Cashmere.  To my surprise...or not really because I knew those jeans would be amazing...they were the same ones from SF but from ShopBob.  Just crossing my fingers that there is still a pair left to be had in November when this No shopping craziness ends.  But for now, I will squirrel away the $78.00 I would have spent for something else.  

One last thing...can you send some good thoughts my way this weekend when in the New York City Vintage shops.  I don't want to not go because I love visiting them, but I might just have to leave all forms of payment at Anna's APT if we go out "window shopping," though I am not sure if I want to know how creative I would get to make a perfect little vintage find mine if I had no money on me.  Can see myself brainstorming now..."I wonder if they will let me clean their shop bathroom for that vintage necklace?"  Ok...now I just feel uncomfortable.  See what I mean...I need the good thoughts.  Happy Thursday...J


  1. You're doing an amazing job at restraining!!!

  2. Wow, you aren't shopping until November?! Good for you. I am thinking about putting a ban on shopping this summer because I have enough summer pieces AND I have a ton of weddings to go to and buy presents for.

  3. Wow! Good luck to you! i thought I made it hard on myself to only shop used/vintage. You go girl!
    Maybe do a trade in with someone lol.