Love You: Lauren

So my favorite day of the blog is here again, and I am so excited to introduce you to Lauren of Old Red Boots.  She has got so many amazing things to share, I am sure you will finish this post and jump on over to Old Red Boots to take some time getting to know this wonderful lady!

" Greetings! My name is Lauren and I blog over at Old Red Boots. I’m originally from New York, but moved down to Nashville for graduate school (That’s how I know Jessica) and just never left. I’m thrilled to be sharing a bit about myself with her readers.  I spent a lot of time really thinking hard about what I love about me. I know that I love myself, I’ve just never really thought about breaking it all down. So this is my attempt to give a little shout-out to every little thing.

1.   I love my cats: That is right, this is number one. I’m very much a crazy cat lady and I embrace it. I have two boys, Sawyer Shapiro Atredies Esq. and Special Agent Dale Cooper.  When my boyfriend Steve and I moved in together, we added his two sweet girls Belle and Sebastianne to the mix. My house is full of love because of them.
2.  I love my relationship with my parents: I’m an only child and I’ve always been very close with my parents. They are my best friends and I’m not afraid to tell them anything. They provide excellent counsel and support when I need it. Plus, they are just all around really cool people.
3.  I love my boyfriend: Steve is the reason I have my blog in the first place. He is a very talented photographer and he made me feel beautiful with the pictures he snapped of me. He is always kind and patient and ready for adventure. He has been the best supporter (and photographer for) my blog, even doing graphic design for it! I certainly know I’m lucky to have him.
4.  I love my hair: It has taken me a while to come to terms with this one, since growing up I just had a huge mop of curly hair that was always knotted up. I had some awful haircuts that made me look like I had a triangle on my head. But now, since I’ve grown out my hair for the first time since 4th grade and I’m really loving it. It is thick, dark, and it sheds like crazy, but it’s all mine.
5.  I love my style: I’ve always had a quirky way of dressing and I’ve always embraced it. I don’t mind it when my clothes draw attention or even stares. If I like something, I’m going to wear it. I like to think I’m brave with my outfit choices and I get a thrill to dress somewhat “different.” Also, as I have gotten better I have learned a little bit more about myself and what looks good on me. Since I know this, I stick to only purchasing things that flatter me (No more strapless ANYTHING!)
6.  I love my taste in music: This might sound like a humble brag, but I think I have pretty good taste in music. I’m always out there searching for something new and I go to a show pretty much every week. It is great living in a city like Nashville that has so many great acts come through (I don’t even like country).
7.   I love my garden: I used to kill every single plant that I touched. I couldn’t even keep a potted begonia for longer than a month. But having space in Nashville means that I get to have a backyard garden and I have been able to try my hand at growing vegetables. I love being outside, and there is something so honest about working in the soil. The garden teaches me dedication, as it takes constant tending to. If I forget to water, plants die. This year, I’m hoping for a nice little harvest.
8.  I love my heart: I’m a big old mush who gets pretty emotional about things. I love often and I love deeply. My friends are my family and I care very much about them and I try my hardest to be the best friend I can be. Cultivating a loving nature is something that I plan on continuously working on. Because having a good heart is the best thing of all." 

My wrap up for today is pretty, plain, and simple.  I simply love all of the self-love Lauren is giving out.  I remember when I did the very first "Love You" post I almost felt weird sharing even a couple of "loves."  I am learning that loving yourself is not something you should be embarrassed about, but something you should take pride in and remind yourself of every day.  So a big thank you to Lauren for encouraging us to keep feelin the love.  I am going to spend some time in travel today reminding myself of a few more things about me that make me not to shabby.  Thank you again for sharing Lauren!!  Happy Friday...J