{Day 16/184 of No Shopping}

So I am on day 16 of 184 {6 Months No Shopping}.  It has not been awful yet, but I will say I am getting a little nervous about my upcoming trips to NYC and SF this summer, but the plan is to stay strong. As you know if you have been reading along, I thought it would be fun to keep track of items that I see that I think I would have bought to see how much money I am saving and to see if a couple months down the road I am still thinking of any of those items.  

So this week up on my "Woulda If I Coulda" Pinterest Board is this amazing Zara shift print dress. I love little shift dresses because I know I will wear them for work and play.  This one in particular just had such an amazing print and after seeing it all styled up on Cheetah is the New Black I was wishing I could have the dress for myself.  But the bright side is I am saving myself $79.90.  Anything you have been dying to buy lately?  Happy Thursday...J