Day 9/184 of No Shopping

So I am on day 9 out of 184 of no shopping.  It is going ok so far...I mean, but how bad can it be going after the first week?  I have already started the closet organization process, I have some fun projects in the works to freshen up some of my old goodies, and I have started a "Woulda If I Coulda" board on Pinterest.  I am hoping to use this board to track what I would have purchased if I had not put myself on this freeze.  I think it will be amazing to look back and see the money I save and decided what items in retrospect I could have lived without.  

So I share with you my "Woulda If I Coulda" picks for week one of my 6 month shopping spree.  

One This amazing little $88.00 bracelet matches a necklace I bought during a one day online sale right before I started the shopping freeze.  I love the necklace, so I thought the bracelet might be fun to add to my collection.  
Two I loved this little dress I saw on one of my favorite bloggers Signe, and thought it would be a fun breezy addition to my flowy dress stash for summer.  And at $29.80 it is kind of a steal because I think it would transition in to the fall very nicely.
Three I have been looking for the perfect denim vest for a little over a year now.  So when I saw this gal on J.Crew she caught my eye.  The fact that she is an additional 30% off with their Spring sale right now dropped the already sale price of $88.00 to $61.60.   

Though they add up to a little bit more than I would like to spend in a week worth of shopping, after my successful closet sale I have a little pile of profits that are just burning a hole in my pocket.  Now might be a good time to mention {though it should not come as a surprise}, I am not one of those people who saves my pennies and shops for the essentials for a season once or twice a year.  I like to browse and purchase along the way.  I am also a crazy person for sales and deals.  That can be a good thing, but can also encourage you to buy things you might not REALLY need because of the thrill of the sale.  Though it is bittersweet to wave good bye to these goodies, I must say it feels pretty good to be $179.00 richer.
Anything that you have said no to lately while shopping?  Are you happy you stayed strong or regretting leaving that goodie behind?  Happy Thursday...J

P.S. Time to announce the winner of that amazing Hazel's Haven giveaway.  Congratulations to Jasmine Lease.  Please email me at dahlialynnlane@gmail.com to retrieve your gift certificate.  A big thank you again to Hazel's Haven for sponsoring this amazing giveaway and for all of you wonderful people who entered.    


  1. Solidarity! These are lovely options though!

  2. You're killing me with that denim jacket from J.Crew! Argh, I'm trying to budget right now bc of our wedding in July, but man oh man that's such a steal!

    1. I know right. I don't feel to sad because I do feel like jean vests are always around. Happy Monday!