Moi...et toi

So I picked this little sweater up the last time I was in NYC.  I fell in love with it when I saw it on my buddy TulipLouise.  My impulse with any large word printed sweater is to wear it around the house or to pair the sweater with my favorite boyfriend jeans for a casual look.  But when I was set on wearing this breezy dress for Mother's Day brunch after temps had drop to the high 50s and low 60s, my little "Moi et toi" sweater came to the rescue.  After deciding that my usual go to cropped, blazer jackets were just too formal for a lazy Sunday brunch, I thought this soft knit was unexpected but perfect all at the same time.  

Now can we take a moment to talk about the words on this sweater. The sweater came out around Valentines, so I think the thought of getting a comfy sweater that read "Me and you" in french was just too romantic to pass up.  I imagined my hubby and I enjoying a homemade Italian candle lit dinner "Lady and the Tramp" style, while I was so chic in my "Moe et toi" sweater.  But we went out on Valentines and I did not wear the sweater, but got a little more gussied up.  I can't spend all my time in baggy clothes.  Or can I?  

Nevertheless, I found myself wondering yesterday if anyone sees me in this sweater and thinks to themselves, "Why does that jerk have a sweater on with the giant word "ME" on the front?"  And if they even see the little hidden "et toi" on the bottom left corner, then what do they think?  I mean they are reading it "Me and you"?  I don't want to be a walking invitation for "Me and you" time with complete strangers.  This little brainstorm went on for longer than it should have in my mind yesterday.  So I landed on the decision that I often do when it comes to my clothes.  I will wear it because I like it.  Ok...cutting myself off for the day.  Happy Monday...J    

Sweater {Zara}, Dress {last season, Target}, Clutch {old, gift from a friend}, Heels {last season, Jessica Simpson}, Necklace {DahliaLynn Vintage}


  1. So cute. I love your anecdotes. As far as I see it...I don't mind the "moi" part of your sweater. It's all about you! =D


    1. Nancy thank you for the anecdote love. I too like the "moi" part of the sweater, glad to know I am not the only one. Happy Monday!