{The Nice Way Out}

If you are old to DahliaLynn you know what has been going on here on Tuesdays.  If you are new, let me share that my sister and I are devoting Tuesdays to taking "The Nice Way Out."  Check out recent posts here and here.  I like to think we are just getting real about life.

Yesterday I was ready to delete several people out of my life, and I have been on the verge of a meltdown all morning.  I have done it again.  In much less than 24 hours I am supposed to be calmly boarding a plan to Salt Lake City in my amazing, relaxed, plane look with a light carry on, latte, and book club book in hand because I will have planned so far ahead I will have nothing to do, but casually read.  

 At this rate, I will be the woman with 4 day old hair, a 4 shot latte and a carry on with underwear hanging out of it and my computer, phone,  and general life chargers dragging behind me.  If I am lucky I will look like an oversized olsen twin coming off a night of no sleep...if I am lucky.  I have so much fun planned for my trip this week, but of course I have only selected one outfit, I am not packed, and I have a to do list out the door. 

So I have fought the urge more than once this morning to close my office door, shut the blinds, and sit in a corner.  I am kicking myself because I always feel like I am putting myself in this position.  But if I am honest with myself "so hey me listen up" I just have not had the time.  I have been working like a crazy woman to keep up with my day job, planning the silent auction I am in charge of for this amazing event, and trying my hardest to have a life.  So I am done beating myself up, and I am taking the nice way out, and today that means if all else fails in preparing to pack for my trip I will just wear my lipstick and sequins everyday.  Sounds like a better plan than a meltdown, what do you think?  Happy Tuesday...J


  1. You can do it! Grab a striped t-shirt, some sparkle and some of your gorgeous baubles and that is all you need! Have so much fun! Will miss seeing you! I still need to send you my necklace (procrastinator). XX