{I Heart NY}

I have always wanted an I Heart NY shirt.  My sweet friend brought one back for me after her last NY fashion week.  Of course I thought it would be so cute on me if I cut it into an I Heart NY tank.  You know because I wear little itty, bitty, tanks all the time.  That did not really work out as planned, so imagine my disappointment when I ruined the suvenior my friend brought me and my plan failed.  But then faite stepped in, as she usually does, this past Thursday.  I was looking for the perfect new vintage dress for a steal at a local vintage shop when I spotted an amazing worn in, oversized, I Heart NY t-shirt.  It was meant to be.  So I give you the first look I styled with it.  What do you think??
Happy MLK day my wonderful friends....J
Skirt {Hazel's Haven}, Booties {Mega Sale at Nine West}, Clutch {Old, BCBG}, Top {Savant Vintage}, Jacket {Old Navy}, Scarf {Lovesmith}, Necklace borrowed from Ms. TulipLouise {Wonders on Woodland}


  1. You always inspire me to have fun with my clothes! I can just feel your pain when you hacked up that shirt and it didn't work... but you are rocking that one now! xo

  2. gold gypsy skirt fun!!!