{The Nice Way Out: Lady Exams}

I can't tell you how excited I am to share DahliaLynn's newest contributor, Ms. Jenny.  Not only is she gorgeous, smart, and hilarious, but best of all she is my baby sister.  Remember this post last week?  As I work hard to make DahliaLynn an honest lifestyle blog where you can come to get tips about jewelry, fashion, design, and life, I can't think of anyone better to enlist in the journey of trying to "Find the Nice Way Out" than Jenny.  One to always give perspective and tell it how it is, sometimes when I am with Jenny I feel like I am spending time with a standup comedian, who does not realize how funny they are.  Since we both share a flair for the dramatics and have more adult trantrums between the two of us than we would like to admit, I could not hide her from you any longer.  So we bring to you the second installment of "The Nice Way Out." 
"Hi everyone! Jess so kindly asked me to help her with her new column
"The Nice Way Out", and if any of you personally know J, you know it's darn near impossible to say no to her. Plus, she's my big sister and I know better ;) A little bit about me, my name is Jenny, and I'm a 25-year-old middle child raised in Arkansas. I spent my college years in Nashville, TN and have since returned to the Natural State to pursue my dream of becoming a Pediatrician. Here's to hoping I shed a little humor into this new addition of the blog!

When Jess first pitched the idea to me, I was thinking I doubt I could write a post about finding "The Nice Way Out" of those sticky situations we sometimes, and I often, find myself in. I mean in all reality I spend the majority of the time laughing my way through these situations, but when I thought about it more, I realized humor is a great way to take “The Nice Way Out”.  I mean laughing at yourself definitely beats pouting in the corner or throwing an “adult temper tantrum”. If you can’t laugh at yourself, when can you. So here goes the first story and my suggestion of using a good laugh to find “The Nice Way Out” of those aggravating situations.
I guess it all started back in September. It was the dreadful time of the year for my annual lady exam, and I decided it was time for me to change physicians. I called place after place after place and had enough conversations with automated callers and voicemails for a lifetime. Nothing makes you feel more uncomfortable than having a conversation with a machine about that topic. I finally got a person at one place, but they answered every statement and question with "Are you pregnant? We only accept pregnant patients." I started thinking I am going to have to get pregnant if I want to see a doctor. After I decided that wasn’t my best idea, I chose to use my family friend connections to try to get me in to this special "pregnant patients only clinic" because the doctor I wanted to see was there, and hey, at least they didn’t make me talk to a machine. Finally I was put on the schedule for January (yes, 3 months later but since I am without child I took what I could get).

January arrived and I went to my appointment. The receptionist immediately handed me a clipboard of papers to fill out.  As I sat down to start on my novel of paperwork, I looked around the room, and I realized the problem with using your “connections” to get an appointment at this clinic meant that yours truly was in a waiting room of all pregnant women with their husband, boyfriend, mom, friend, etc. Or worse they had their precious newborn there for a follow-up visit, and all I wanted to do was go over and play with him and pinch his adorable chubby cheeks. And there I was sitting solo in the corner while I had to call my dad at work to help me fill out my insurance sheet. After I finished my packet of intimate questions and insurance, I sat back down and waited. And waited. And waited some more. After the moms and babies were all finished and the waiting room was empty except for me and the “What to expect when you’re expecting” magazines, I got called back for my turn with the doc. From there on out, the visit went smoothly, and I rewarded myself with a mini trip to the mall and Starbucks.

What I realized throughout all of the phone calls, messages, awkward questions, paperwork, and waiting, I had two options: 1) I could get pissy, argue with the receptionist on the phone, stress myself out over the mounds of paperwork, or throw a fit because I was left for last since I was not carrying child OR 2) I could laugh at the situation I put myself in and maybe promise myself a tasty Starbucks for behaving. At the end of the day, those moments that may seem so annoying at the time eventually end up being trivial. So my suggestion for today is that when you find yourself getting a little out of sorts look for the humor in the situation because I promise as long as you look hard enough, you can find laughter anywhere. And a good laugh beats an angry meltdown any day of the week....see you next time....J


  1. Super pumped to read the contributions of Ms. Jenny. Another great addition to the DL world.

  2. haha - I like this little sister of yours, funny and smart! I used to be VERY VERY VERY sensitive, and found the idea of laughing at myself UTTERY IMPOSSIBLE, but I think somewhere around year 23 it just clicked, it actually IS easier to just laugh, and Starbucks is always a great motivator for good behavior! Loving this new series lady!