{Love You: Colleen}

Photos by the amazing Abbey Moore

One of my favorite parts about 2013 will most definitely be all the wonderful new "Love You" posts.  I can think of nothing better than doing something to encourage us all to love others and ourselves more.  I am thrilled to have sweet Colleen from Inspired to Share on the blog today to kick off another year of "Love You" posts.  If you have not heard of Inspired to Share you will be kicking yourself because Colleen's blog is just a little slice of heaven in my opinion.  But before checking out her amazing site, see what she is loving about herself today.
"Hi Dahlia Lynn readers! I'm Colleen from Inspired to Share and I'm so thrilled to be on Jessica's blog today. We met last year at Alt Summit and I'm so grateful to call her a friend. I love the concept of this series and I think it is so important for us all to reflect on the things we love about ourselves. I'm usually caught up in my flaws and weaknesses so this was such a good exercise for me. Here goes!

I love being a homebody (aka an introvert). I've always been the type that would much rather spend a night in than go out, or hang out with a close friend over a big group. I love the feeling of being home and while I used to think that was something I needed to change about myself, I'm learning to embrace what makes me happy and not worry about being "normal" - even if that means spending more time at home.  

I love that I married young. Getting married fresh out of college wasn't something I anticipated (just like I didn't expect to meet my now-husband) but I'm so grateful to have found love. I honestly can't imagine these past few years without my partner in life.

I love being petite. When I was young I remember being told repeatedly how short I was and I hated it. I even used to have a Disney hat that said "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" (Haha!) Now, I love being petite. I can wear heels if I want, but most of the time I just enjoy my view of the world. And I'm thankful I can ask my tall husband to reach the top shelf. ;)

I love being a dreamer. I often hear and think that it's bad to be a dreamer and wonder about possibilities in my life, but I can't imagine living any other way. I think dreaming is what keeps me excited, interested, and always evolving.

I love my pixie haircut. I always had long hair growing up and never imagined I'd have super short hair but ever since I took the risk I love it. I love that it makes me feel different, unique, and more like myself.

I love that I'm from the Midwest. I was raised to smile at everyone I see, hold the door open for the person behind me, and always says please and thank you. I used to wish I grew up somewhere more exciting or glamorous, but as I've gotten older I now realize how fortunate I am to call the Midwest home. There is such an emphasis on family and authenticity here and I find so important to stay grounded. It's really about making the most of where you are.

Thank you so much for having me, Jessica!"

Aside from being creative, fun, cute, kind, and inspiring, I feel like Colleen is Tinkerbell meets Peter Pan meets Carey Mulligan, but more awesome!!  Am I right?  Having had the pleasure to spend a smidge of time with Colleen at Alt. Summit last year, I can tell you that her "loves" hit the nail on the head.  She is an authentic, tiny, Midwestern dreamer, who kicks that pixie haircut in the tush.  I really relate to how Colleen loves that she married young.  I too married shortly after college, and it was never in the plans and certainly not the norm for many of my friends, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.  I think Colleen reminds us that it is those unplanned and unexpected things in life that we turn out to love the most sometimes.  Colleen, if you were here, I would give you a big squeeze for sharing today, and I can't wait to catch up soon.  If you have a free moment {even if you don't} hope on over to Inspired to Share for a real treat.  Happy Friday, and lotsa love...J    


  1. Adore her pixie cut! And her sweet demeanor, going to have to check out her blog

  2. Jessica, you are the sweetest. Thank you so much for your kind words and for having me! I'm so honored. Can't wait to read more from your series! Happy weekend love!! xoxo

  3. What a phenomenal project, reflecting on what it is we love about ourselves. You both are such inspiring women!