{Florals, Casbahs, Outtakes}

Dress {Savoir-Faire}, Clutch {Kate Spade}, Scarf {Forever 21}, Boots {Minnetonka}, Necklace {Anne Taylor old}, Sunnies {SEE}
Have I mentioned I love florals?  Well I do.  And someone was listening because sweet Tess owner of Savoir-Faire sent this darling number over to me recently.  I lived in it last week.  I think I wore it three times.  And if you follow me on Instagram, you know that my new Kate Spade "Rock the Casbah" clutch has been like my newest appendage.  Before I bought it I decided I needed to know the true definition of a "casbah." Dictionary.com tells me it is the capital of a North African city.  Well I have not rocked the capital of a North African City that I know of recently, but I do like the catchy song.  So I wore my new favorite dress and new favorite clutch this weekend.  Last year I probably would not have shared my outtakes, but with the new year, and with my mission to embrace the not perfect in 2013, I wanted to share how I had origionally styled this outfit.  Keep scrolling if you dare.
Cute, old me thought it would be perfect to layer this green sweater over my new frock.  Well it would have been cute had I chosen a sweater that was not extremely, fitted in the sleeves.  Don't pretend you did not see it, the dress chunk of fabric under my sweater in the first picture.  Just in case you didn't see it, I shared a close up.  I walked around like this for an entire day.  Someone...help...me.   I call it "the only full length mirror in our house is in the closet in my guest bedroom and I never use it syndrome."  Is that an excuse?  Not really...but at least my pony tail looks cute.  So lesson of the day, don't wear things under a super tight sweater, unless you like that "fat guy in a little suit look."  Happy outtake and Monday...J       


  1. obsessed with the moccasin boots, and the clutch of course!

  2. Everytime I see this clutch the song starts playing in my head, but I love it so I don't mind at all!

  3. Also obsessed with floral...you look fab,as always. I'm already sad I won't be seeing you at Alt. :(