{Love You: Jessica}

Hi Loves!  I hope you are having an amazing start to the New Year.  I am so excited to be sharing another Love You post, but the catch is...today's love sharer is a fellow Nashvillian.  Her name is Jessica, she lives in Nashville, works at Vanderbilt, and is from Arkansas.  So she is like my twin.  Read on to find out what she is loving about herself today.
"Hi Dahlia Lynn readers! I am Jessica from Here&Now & beyond excited to be
over here with you today! Jessica & I are fellow Nashvillians, & she is the first
blogger I had a blogger date (blate) with. She is as much of a doll in real life
as she is here on the interwebs (I’m sure you already guessed that!), & I am
overjoyed to be a part of this heartwarming series she has created! I have to
admit that I actually had a very difficult time announcing things that I LOVE
about myself & shouting them out for all the internet to know… Even though
it is hard to break out of my Southern delicate notions about self-promotion, I
know we should all love ourselves & I respect the heck out of Jessica for putting
together this amazing blogger love fest!

1. I love being an organizer.
Any given free time on the weekends – you will
find me organizing! Putting things in their place, rearranging my closet, sprucing
up my nest are all things that bring me great joy, & I have to admit, I’m pretty
much an organizational rockstar at this point!

2. I love being a heartfelt gift giver.
Who doesn’t love giving presents…
amiright?! But dreaming up, purchasing, & then gifting the perfect gift is the
highlight of my year. I pick up gifts year-round, whenever I see an item that is
sooo my Mom, boyfriend, sister… whoever! I have a stockpile of gifts at any given
time, & seeing the smile on their face when I gift someone a gift that tops their
wish list (or one that they didn’t even know they wanted), is a treasured gift that
gives me the warm fuzzies. Best gift given so far – beer making starter kit for my
boyfriend. Beer brewing is now his favorite activity, & I get delish brews too – win

3. I love being underestimated. I enjoy fashion, can be found talking about
my pug 99% of the time, & use way too many abbreviations, but my day job is as a
biomedical researcher pursuing my Ph.D. So that shocked look that people get in
their eyes when I switch from fashion to science talk… best. thing. ever.

4. I love my Southern roots. I am a born & raised Arkansan. Arkansas (& the
South in general) sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) gets a bad rap… but I wouldn’t
change my childhood in the country for a thing. I have been blessed with
opportunities to travel across our own country & the world that have increased
my cultural experience, but my roots will always be Southern. Pet pigs, ducks &
even a chicken who lived in our house, summers on the lake, Debutante Balls, &
the dazzling night sky at my family home… those are the Southern ingredients
that make up who I am today, & I love it!"

Isn't she fun and cute to boot!  I really enjoyed reading about Jessica's loves, and I especially loved her honesty.  As Jessica so eloquently put it when talking about sharing her loves she said, "it is hard to break out of my Southern delicate notions about self-promotion."  As much as I love all the love and warm fuzzies we throw around here on Fridays, Jessica reminds me that this is still a very tough thing for us all to do, it does not come naturally, we have been raised not to sing our own priases from the rooftops, and therefore we need to put a little effort in to making sure we share the love with ourselves.  Thank you so much Jessica for sharing today.  If you haven't stopped by Jessica's delightful blog hop on over there now.  Happy Friday...J


  1. I love the animal printed coat it is gorgeous!



  2. Another Nashville blog! Hooray! I'm a Lipscomb student!! This is a great idea, btw. I'm all for people loving themselves a little more and giving themselves a break!

    perfectly priya

  3. Her doggy is just too adorable :)

  4. "I love being underestimated" So true, people fail to understand that fashion bloggers often have other sides to them. Great post



  5. I can definitely agree to this list! Southern girl and proud of it! My name is Dalia... kinda of similar! Ha.
    The Introverted Brunette

  6. Great list! I am a science girl by day as well. :D Love those pink bow tie flats, and what an amazing photo of that cute dog!