{Goodbye Fur Snood}

We spent Christmas in Iowa with my husband's family.  It was a week full of family, visiting, festive drinks, delicious food, and snowwww.  It was simply beautiful, and I loved the opportunity to get all snuggled up before heading outside.  Enjoy this picture of my little fur snood because it is the last one you will see.  Why I thought I could put it in our dryer for a little steam fresh experience and have it come out unscathed I don't know.  I will just have to remember the good times.  Happy Wednesday...J 
Top {Savoir-Faire}, Cape {Zara}, Leggings {Forever 21}, Booties {Stein Mart}, Necklace {DL Vintage}, Clutch {BCBG}, Snood {Anne Taylor}


  1. Poor snood! FYI - I just bought one at Ann Taylor yesterday for $11.99!!! They are currently $19.99 with an additional 40% off. WHAT! Yeah...they are practically giving them away. Mine is a different color - darker brown. XX

  2. Hi Jessica! I found your blog through the It List! Where in Iowa is your husband's family from? I live in Iowa City but grew up in Des Moines. Anytime any brings up Iowa I have to acknowledge it :) It doesn't happen often haha!
    Love your blog! And the snood :)
    Everything but Ordinary

  3. You are adorable! I have totally been wanting to add some fur into my wardrobe and I'm sorry to hear about yours!! Glad you had a lovely Christmas, sounds really nice!

    perfectly priya

  4. Oh no!!! How is one supposed to clean faux fur anyway? My mom had a cardigan from The Limited with a faux fur collar and she did the same thing you did and it came out all matted and gross. So, I bought her another one for Christmas! Are you planning to replace your snood?

    Erin @ Loop Looks

  5. Oh that's no good! I'm so bummed for you. Love this whole outfit especially that gorgeous cape!

  6. that's awful :( At least you have some beautiful photos! I had a similar experience, I bought a faux fur coat from the thrift store and it smelled. I thought I could hand wash it since it was faux, I totally effed up the leather :( Still trying to figure out how to salvage it! Oh the trials and tribulations of fashionable women :D


  7. great outfit, head to toe!