{The Nice Way Out: Parking Spot Stealers}

I just love this image.  I found myself wondering how often I have been standing in a killer dress and stylish shoes in a scooter parking lot.  Never, but it was the perfect image to share for my first post on taking "The Nice Way Out."  This Monday night, I had soup cooking in the crock pot at home, my girls dinner starting in less than an hour, and excitement building for the Bachelor.  I just had to run and pick up a few items at the grocery store. 

 As I pulled into the crazy busy parking lot, I see it, the rock star parking spot near the front.  I get in position, turn my blinker on as I do my little I am the winner dance, and then it happens.  Some SOB driving way over whatever the heck the speed limit is in a parking lot swoops in.  My blood was boiling, and it took a lot for me not to do something.  But I didn't.  As I drove past to the very back of the lot, I started to think about what I was planning on doing.  Was I really going to lay the smack down in the parking lot?  Maybe on a bad day, but it really was just silly.  

So, I took the nice way out.  I decided I would enjoy the brisk walk from the back of the parking lot and relish in the fact that I am not a jerk who steals parking spaces.  Not sure calling someone a jerk is taking the nice way out, but I am trying.  Happy Wednesday...J

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