The Gimmies

Okay...so have you been wondering at all how the "No Shopping" has been going?  

I have been doing pretty darn well I think.  I started off very strong with literally no shopping for almost a month and a half.  Then they changed our work event dress code.  So all those suits I bought last year are not necessarily preferred.  After wearing the same 3 black dresses to several events, my mom said, "work clothes are like food, you need them."  So I have been keeping my eye out for work appropriate items here or there. 

I must confess, I sort of dove head first off the no shopping wagon and did a face plant smack in to a few flea markets, Zara, and a mad J.Crew sale while in NYC for work.  I am not proud, but the past is the past.  

I will say it has not been easy with all of the amazing fall items out there.  You can follow along as I pin my favorite items on to my "Woulda If I Coulda" pinterest board.  But today I am sharing a few items I cannot get off of my mind.  

First, this sweet little polka dot number form Savoir-Faire.  Good thing they have already sold out of my size, so I will not be tempted.

Two, this O-R-A-N-G-E bag.  I cannot get it off my mind.  I think it is something I might have to eventually purchase after the no shopping is over.  My husband loves orange and it always reminds me of him.  I think that is why I am so drawn to this bag.  And then of course the opportunity to have a little "JMR" on the bag in gold seals the deal.

Three, this dress from the amazing Lola is just a dream.  It would be perfect for holiday parties with black tights and dreamy dinners with my main squeeze in Italy.

Four, this little flower dress just steals my heart every time.  I am not convince I would look that great in it.  But I do think she would be pretty hanging in my closet.  

So there you have it.  The 4 items I cannot get off my mind at the moment.  Feeling the gimmies! Happy Thursday...J