Feels Like Home

This week has been a little bittersweet to tell you the truth.  We are coming off two great weekends with family.  While I am on a bit of a high from new town pride, it is hard to be so far away from family.  The past two weekends we have spent our days taking our guests on tours of our new favorite hometown spots.  

Think tours of an amazing university right in our backyard, pancakes at our favorite local brunch spot, small bites at our favorite tapas spot, delicious steak dinners, a trip to the VERY close lake Michigan, shopping at my favorite local antique stores, make your own pizza night on our sweet little front porch, morning coffees in the quiet of our new place, the list goes on. 

While we love our new home, these visits are a bit of a reminder of the distance separating us from our family and many friends.  But there is no denying that we are building a beautiful little life here.  In one year, we have made so many new memories and friendships that I know will last a lifetime.  

As I was sharing these sentiments with my sweet Mumsey this week, she said that after a few visits she knew we were in a place where people were watching out for us.  I could not agree more.  It is feeling more like home every day.  Happy Thursday...J

Kicks {Converse}, Leggings {Anne Taylor}, Top {c/o Riffraff}, Shaw {Vintage}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Purse {LV}


  1. How do you keep those converse so white? I never buy white sneakers because I can't keep them clean!

    1. Ash...well they are still a little new. But I think they look a little loved with some stains:)


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