Hostess with the Mostess Monday: Some Love for Orange & Carnations

So who is excited for a little "Hostess with the Mostess Monday" on...errr...Wednesday?!  Me!  I fell in love with the photos from the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.  I thought it only appropriate to feature a party where the signature color was "orange" with Halloween right around the corner.    

I also find that in events the orange hue is not always a crowd favorite.  Orange scares people.  It scared me before I met my man.  Orange is his favorite color, so I now find myself drawn to the hue.  Am I the only one crushing on this event space?  

First, I love the bunches of inexpensive flowers featuring the signature orange color.  So many people hate on carnations.  And yes, one lone carnation can look a little sad, but several, tightly bunched, in the same bright hue is simply striking.   And we don't always have a hostess budget that allows us to purchase garden roses and peonies with reckless abandon.  

Second, I love that they are incorporating the signature orange color into the staffing uniforms.  Bar tenders with orange aprons and hats? YES PLEASE.  Such an easy, unique, and fun way to add your signature color to an event space.  

Third, this particular event really uses the signature orange in rental pieces, such as chairs and umbrellas.  There are those standard rental pieces, chairs, umbrellas, tables, trash cans, bars, etc., that we always need at events.  However, these pieces are sometimes overlooked when considering places to incorporate color.  

Fourth, aside from the fact that this event beautifully incorporates the brand's signature orange, I love that they have used their signature champagne bottle as decor throughout the event.  Bottles as bar decor...check.  Bottles as chandeliers....check.  Bottle labels as plant pot decor...check.  Bottles as table number holders....check.  Bottles filling bar backs....check.  

Finally, I think the planners here did a fabulous job of incorporating the signature orange at every eye level.  In these photos you can see the orange chandeliers, orange florals, and orange chair cushions.  If you were to incorporate the color in only one of these levels the space would not feel nearly as full in my opinion.

So what do you think?  After seeing some of these photos?  Would you consider orange at a party?  Or maybe consider showing the carnations some love at your next event?  Happy belated Monday...J

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