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I woke up this Monday incredible rested.  Even got up and did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, and that is not meant for anyone who has any difficulty on the occasional morning.  I believe the result of feeling rested is probaby because the Mr. and I did not stay up until 3:00 a.m. having yet again another NetFlix marathon.  If there is some kind of support group for NetFlix addicts.  Please let me know.

So this outfit was meant for the playful date at the Nashville Zoo Stuart and I had planned for this Saturday.  Well the Zoo's annual Eggstravaganza and every child in the tri-state area had other plans.  On our way to the zoo, cute outfit, coffee, and husband in hand, my date was smashed by literally miles of traffic just to enter the Zoo parking lot.  After 30 minutes of traffic, we gave up.  Hoping to make it to the Zoo this weekend:/  

I did want to share this sweet little clutch with you all.  I could not resist the temptation to by 5 mini flowers on sale at J.Crew.  Feeling a little guilty as I left the store {"What exactly did I plan on doing with these little pretties?}, I was so excited to find this gorgeous spring clutch at Anthropologie.  Bingo! Clutch + 5 mini flowers= cuteness.  And when did I start saying Bingo?  Being this rested on Monday is annoying.  I imagine many of you have stopped reading at this point, but for the few who haven't happy monday...J
Sweater {J.Crew...and yes I am aware it is on backwards:}, Jeans {Forever 21}, Heels {Nine West}, Clutch {Anthropologie}, Flower Pins {J.Crew}


  1. Oh lady! That backwards sweater idea is AMAZING!


  2. You look so amazing! I love this look... plus I love the mint necklace with the mint sweater. Perfection!

  3. Love backwards sweaters! A huge favorite of mine :) You look great!

    It's an Easy Life

  4. Such a fun outfit-love all the little flower clusters on the clutch-great idea!!

  5. love the clutch!! you are darling.

  6. So pretty!! Loving that clutch too :))