{THIS in THAT: New Home, New Job}

I know I have been hinting that last couple of days that there have been some recent changes in my life.  For those of you that follow DahliaLynn on Instagram, you know that we closed on a house this past Friday....ekk:)  I have been so excited about sharing the news with everyone, but wanted to wait until everything was finalized.  Up top is a sneak peak at one side of our new front porch.  For some reason most of the pictures I took did not upload to my computer, but don't worry more to come.  Our new home is nestled in the heart of the 12 South District in Nashville, which is such a fun neighborhood, I don't think I could be more excited. 

The second piece of news involves my day job.  As some of you know, I currently work at Vanderbilt University for the Office of Housing and Residential Education.  I work a lot with students, student staff, programming, and I do a lot of crisis response.  Though I will still be working at Vanderbilt, starting May 15th I will be the Program Coordinator for The Ingram Commons, which is Vanderbilt's first year student experience.  I will being doing a lot less of the late night crisis response, and a lot more programming and event planning with the residents, student staff, and faculty.  This new position is going to let me lean on my creative side, so much more, while letting me continue to work at an institution I love.  I could not be more excited about what is to come, and of course I wouldn't have had the guts to move forward and apply for the new position and search for a house without my sweet husband.  I love you Stuart.  

Since this is a little bit of a step up for me, and since I will be in an office setting a lot more rather than running around campus, I have already starting thinking of ways to dress up my wardrobe a bit, while still remaining true to my personal style.  I loved the image above because it blends the professional and fun.  With all that being said.  I can't wait for the mornings when I will be getting ready in THIS house to like a little more like THAT.  I hope everyone has an amazing day and thank you always for visiting DahliaLynn...J