{No Posts, No Specs}

In honor of the fact that I have not shared a single post with you all in over half a month, I thought I would share a picture with no specs.  No sunnies, no nerdy glasses, just good old J. Reasons at your service. I have actually been saving these pictures for a rainy day because I did not love them at first.  I felt almost naked without my shades or sunglasses.  They have sort of become my super hero cape.  But with all the change I have experienced in the last several months, I am challenging myself to relax a bit.  So here I am...relaxed...without my usual look.  But I really was not all that relaxed when we took these photos.  The wind was blowing gusting, rain drops started to fall, did I want to go with the sweater on, or with the sweater off.  You get the messing picture.  But I look pretty relaxed.  Don't ya think?     I have missed you guys. Happy Tuesday...J

Dress {Riffraff}, Boots {Frye}, Sweater {Sister's Closet...literally}, Necklace {J.Crew}, Bag {DVF}