Back In Business

Hi Friends!  I am posting today from my new C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R!  Eek!  Though my crazy schedule has certainly impacted my ability to post as often as I would like, I was also having major technology woes.  I mean when it rains it pours...right?  

I think I shared that my camera broke and then my computer finally took her last breath.  I had been putting off getting a new computer for a while because I always feel like I like to get the last drop out of my technology.  So the last drop was taken, and I am here with my new little 11 inch MacBook friend.  

So for my first post using the new gal, why not kick things off with a pineapple shirt and aztec print pants?  This is one of those looks that I thought might be all wrong when I dreamed it up, but I think it it turned out simply lovely.  So what do you think?  Are the pineapples and aztec too much or just right?  Happy Saturday...J

Top & Pants (Riffraff, c/o), Shoes (Lucky Brand), Necklace (J.Crew), Purse (LV)


  1. you look adorable! i love that top!


    1. Rhiannon...you are too sweet. This certainly looks like it would be up your alley!!
      Happy Sunday!

  2. Love those shoes. I'm so happy pineapples are in. I love pineapples!

    1. I mean who does not love a pineapple? Happy Tuesday!