{True Life}

So today is probably a different post than you are used to. Before getting a house, I did spend a lot of weekends on little adventures, usually all dolled up, on the weekends. Since getting a house and having lots of plans to fix things up, my Sunday's, especially, look a little different.  Though I usually clean up for dinner, yesterday I was just really tired form a long day gardening.  So here you have it, me in my natural gardening habitat.  Hope you are not to disappointed, but man was I comfy....J
Jeans {Vintage}, Top {Forever 21}, Boots {Hunter}, Hate {Dillards}


  1. You look adorable as always! Can't wait to see what pretty things you are working on at the new house :) I am SO close to being in your shoes!!! E-mailing you today for updates and inspiration photo!

  2. Cute outfit! It would make a perfect gardening look for a movie. ;) Love it!

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