{Room with a View}

So this past week, my sweet mother-in-law came for almost the whole week to help transform our living room.  This 20 year old wall paper and a wall of dry wall covering an older interior wall.  We finally finished up yesterday, and I am happy to introduce to you our new magenta dining room.  Took this picture right as the sun was going down so excuse the blurriness, but I had to share.  So glad that Stuart's sweet cousin and aunt shared this color with me.  I could not be happier or luckier to have such an amazing family, who is happy to pitch in to help transform our lovely old house.  Lots of more pictures to come as this start to take shape....J
Shoes {Zara} Dress {Target}
P.S. Thank you to all you sweeties out their who showed the loved for DahliaLynn's new "Love You" feature.  Always scary to share something new, but your sweet comments and love really meant the world.  Happy Monday...J