{This in That: Bluebird}

Feeling a little blue today.  I have been under the weather since Sunday.  Nothing terrible, but that stuffy nose, scratchy throat, sore all over, head hurts, I am sick, but not sick enough to justify staying home from work and missing out on all the catching up up I have to do.  But sick enough to come home every night from work, lie on the couch, and watch endless episodes of Brothers and Sisters, until I have wasted the entire evening.  Starting to think I would feel a whole lot better if I was in THIS pretty top lounging on THAT pretty couch.  On a happy non-sick note...ever wonder what my iPhone case looks like?  Probably not, but if I have sparked any interest pop on over to Shop Sweet Things to have a look at some of the iPhone cases she featured on her blog today, mine being one of them.
Happy Thursday...J


  1. Love the striking power of red and blue in this interior! What a great idea to use a red cross as a wall statement. Cool & urban! Cheers, Igor xoxo

  2. gorgeous photos!

  3. Hope you're feeling better, Jessica. And thanks so much for the mention! A few of my readers are obsessed with your DIY phone case! Glad I took a snap of it! :) Hugs & xo!