{The Gimmies: Santa Fe}

So those of you that have been following DahliaLynn for a while know the drill with my "The Gimmies" posts.  I usually feature an item that I am lusting after.  The trouble with those lust worthy pieces is that they are not usually something I can justify buying, and I assume some of you might be in the same position.  So I thought that I would insert a new twist to my "The Gimmies" feature.  Since DahliaLynn is usually all about the jewels, I will use the feature to share a lust worthy item and then a more affordable piece with a similar look. 

I admittedly have never fallen in love with online clothes shopping mostly because I have an interesting shape and a hard time knowing when something will fit or not.  So I often find myself intensely browsing the accessories section of online shops, which sometimes can be seriously overwhelming.  Especially for larger sites with more affordable pieces, and especially, when those shops do not give you the options to "view all."  You know the drill, you are on jewelry page 5 of 50, you add something to your basket, click "continue shopping," and you are back at square one.  Was I on page 5 or was it 15?  Was I viewing 40 per page or 80 per page?  AHHHH?  Are any of you still with me?  So I am hoping that this feature will spare you all the frustration of online accessory shopping because I am doing the hard work for you!  

So today I bring you jewels with a Santa Fe feel.  Up top we have a stunner from Forever 21 for the bargain price of $8.80.  Down below we have the lust worthy DANNIJO Abacos for $495.00.  I personally love them both, but the purse strings gave a standing ovation for the Forever 21 look.  Do you like the new twist on an old feature?  Happy Friday...J


  1. Love this! You know I need help with my jewel shopping so this will be perfect for me!

  2. Totally enjoying this twist on "The Gimmies"!