{Lipstick and...}

Soooo really all I had planned to purchase this week was my old friend and stand by lip color "Ruby Woo" by Mac and one new lip color for fun.  If you are wondering, I chose "Lady Danger" by Mac.  Even though I don't mind that people have started referring to me at work as the blonde woman with nerdy glasses and bright red lipstick, I thought it couldn't hurt to spice things up in the new year with a new lipstick.  Don't worry Ruby you are still my favorite.  But here you can see that the two lipsticks were not the only thing that made it home with me. But half of these lovelies were on sale...just sayin.  Enjoy your weekend...J
Neon Yellow Blouse {Anne Taylor Loft-SALE}, Red Knit Infinity Scarf {Anne Taylor Loft-SALE}, Nean Pink Blouse {J.Crew}, Tweed Skirt {J.Crew SALE}, Flats {J.Crew SALE}, Sequin Clutch {Forever21}, Bow Belt Buckle {Pangea}, Earrings {Dillards}