{Sparkle Pumpkin Jenga}

So I might or might not have a small addiction to decorating my fireplace mantle.  It is pretty much the first thing your eyes are drawn too when you walk in to our town home, and I feel like I am always brainstorming new ways to fill the space with something creative.  My addiction started the first Christmas Mr. J and I were married.  I decided the mantle would be home to a small and growing collection of sparkle Christmas trees.  So you can imagine my excitement when last year TJMaxx started carrying glitter pumpkins.  Thus began the game of pumpkin jenga on my mantle.  Mr. J has only knocked all the pumpkins off once over the past month, which I consider a real win for us as clumsy as we both can be.  The string of mini tin flags is a new addition, and you can write on the little flags with chalk.  Endless hours of message fun...Happy Halloween...J

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  1. gorgeous photos, i love decorating as well.
    Happy Halloween!