{New Pieces & New News}

I have two reasons to be excited today.  First, I have been so excited to share a sneak peak of some new DahliaLynn pieces with you all.  Especially the new DahliaLynn "Willow" wrap bracelets made from 100% silk and vintage jewelry pieces.  However, I am even more excited to share with you that this batch of DahliaLynn jewels is currently on its way to Fayetteville, AR to be sold in an amazing new boutique on The Square.  Sweet Tess of "After One's Fancy" has decided to open her very own boutique called Savoir-Faire on September 1st.  If you are in the neighborhood, I hope you will find some time to visit Tess and all the lovelies, including these pretty DahliaLynn jewels.  Happy Friday....J


  1. Where can we purchase these pieces? I'd love to sport one of your pieces on my blog. Collab maybe? Check out www.chanelfiles.com. Just gorgeous!

  2. Chanel...all of these pieces are actually headed to a boutique. I also have pieces for sale though on Etsy. You can click the link on the top right of the blog to see what I currently have for sale:) Thank you for the sweet words!