Before & After: Nashville Kitchen

Hello Wednesday!  How has everyone's week been? So excited today because I will welcome my baby sister to our new home in South Bend.  But, first, I must share our final "Before & After" photos of our Nashville home.  For those of you just now stopping by, we were in this home for a little over a year, and it was in need of some major TLC.  We spent so much time and money on projects that needed to be done, I really did not have the time or money to focus on the decorating I wanted to do.  But, I think I made a great start with some accents and what we already owned.  It certainly does not look perfect, but we came a long way.

Second to the front yard, the kitchen was probably the area we spent the most time in, but you will see below we still had more plans.  As much as I loved our little labor of love, I have to say it is nice to be in a place that does not have a project around every corner.  I would love to know if you had a favorite "Before & After" picture.  What transformation did you love the most?  See you here tomorrow...J

What we did.
-Purchased and installed a hanging microwave.
-Purchased a new fridge.
-Hung a pot hanger.
-Painted the walls and all trim.
-Hung curtains and accent wall of curtains.
What we paid someone to do.
-Paint the cabinets.  We were just too tired to sand and paint them ourselves.
What we still wanted to do.
-Replace flooring.
-Replace stove and dishwasher.
-Install more cabinets above the counters to the right of the fridge and frame the fridge in.
-Replace countertops with quartz.  

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