Stand In or Stand Out

So I am learning a little something about my old town of Nashville...."old town"....sob...pinch me...did we really move?  In Nashville, you can kind of wear whatever you want without standing out.  It is not like New York City, where you can walk down the street wearing lingerie, combat boots, black lipstick, and a baseball cap without someone batting an eye.  But with all the colleges, hipsters, and music industry types in Nashville, people just kind of do their own thing.

So imagine my surprise, our first Sunday brunch in South Bend.  I proudly teetered in to le Peep in my sky high wedges, a vintage, light blue, long, silk dress thing, a large, burnt orange, comfy knit sweater, and some jewels.  And immediately I could tell some of the fellow diners did not approve.  I think it was the vintage, light blue, long, silk dress thing that threw them, but who knows.  I did not ask, mostly because I like to wear what I want.  And since in my new job I am required to dress up a tiny bit more than I would prefer, I like to let loose on the weekends.  

So pajama-ish leggings, a men's jean shirt, a camo vest, killer shoes, and a rockin hat.  Yes...yes I will.  So tell me...what is your favorite way to stand out?  Happy Wednesday....J

Top {Local Honey}, Pants/Vest {J.Crew}, Heels {Lucky}, Hat/Clutch {Dillards}, Necklace {Flourish}   


  1. Let loose pretty lady! Teach them your stylish ways!
    I'm holding down Nashville with a bold lip this Fall ;)

  2. I would expect nothing less...sweetgirl...rock that bold lip!!

  3. I like to stand out with lip color. I love this outfit! Cincinnati isn't really a fashion mecca so I get a lot of stares too. Remember, models get double takes too. Pretend you're a model!

    1. "Pretend you're a model!" A new motto...I love it. Ash, I hope you are having a great day!!

  4. Just moved to Nashville and have to agree!