Do you ever walk in a store and see an item that catches your eye?  Do you then speed walk over to the item because the excitement is building?  Do you finally get close to the item only to realize that it resembles a sheep?  Well...if you are me you do.  We had been window shopping in Chicago all day, and at first I was a little disappointed that the item I had been most excited about ALL day closely resembled a sheep. 

When the vest sat in my closet for a whole week before I pulled it out, I was becoming more and more convinced it was a bad buy.  Then last Sunday, I needed a little extra warmth and naturally I pulled the large sheep looking cotton ball item out of my closet, and after looking through these pictures I could not be happier about my purchase.  All day it was as if my sheepy vest was whispering a little "I told you so."  I mean who doesn't want to look sheepy-chic?  Happy Saturday...J

Vest {Top Shop}, Dress {Target}, Purse {Vintage}, Necklace {Vintage Forever 21}, Shoes {Vintage Zara}, Hat {Can't remember where this hat is from if my life depended on it.}


  1. I just got a sheepy-vest and was not really sure what to do with it, just knew that I loved to pet it! Thanks for the inspiration pretty lady!

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  2. Yes, and you are also probably really WARM too! It's gorgeous. And I need your hat.

    1. Thanks for the vest love. This hat is wonderful...Happy belated Thanksgiving!!