{Green Dot}

Today's post is extra special for me because of the t-shirt I am wearing.  Not because I like t-shirts {I don't actually, they are just not my thing}, but because the message on this t-shirt is special.  Green Dot is a national movement that works to put an end to all kinds of power-based personal violence.  I am lucky enough to serve as one of the Co-Chairs for the Green Dot Initiative Committee at Vanderbilt University.  Out of all the trainings and initiatives I have been exposed to that surround putting an end to violence, Green Dot is the most uplifting because the solution is something we can all be a part of.  One green dot at a time.  I hope you will take a little time today to check out what I am talking about with these green dots here.  In honor of Green Dot, I will be sharing a Green Dot inspired outfit ever so often to share this wonderful initiatve in my little nook of the world.  Thanks for reading....J
   "No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something!"
T-Shirt {Beefy T...I think?} Jeans {J.Brand}, Wedges {Steve Madden} Scarf {Fire Finch}, Jewels {UAL & David Yurman} 


  1. LOVE this! Thanks for all the incredible work you do spreading this message (with style, nonetheless!). :)

  2. Amazing how you make a tshirt sassy. Love the scarf but MOST importantly the message on your shirt :)